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We believe in fair fares. Help us take back the streets and empower our community.

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The Fair Work Ombudsman has ruled that Uber drivers are not classified as employees. Drivers need to take action and protect themselves.

RideFair Australia fare pricing is voted in through distributed consensus amongst all drivers. Keeping the system fair and honest. This is Australia, and drivers deserve to live above the poverty line.

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Riders can feel good about supporting drivers and at the same time save money compared to competing rideshare services. Stop being ripped off at the expense of rideshare drivers.

Keep the money in Perth! Stop sending money to foreign companies that don’t look after Aussies.

Ridesharing is here to stay. However the current state of affairs pits drivers against ridesharing companies.

RideFair Australia empowers drivers and keeps investment here in WA.

Frequently Asked Questions

ridefair wheel Why RideFair Australia?

RideFair Australia exists for two reasons:

  • Rideshare companies exploit the “gig economy” and are making it hard for drivers to make enough money to live. Drivers are barely breaking even, and the response from rideshare companies has been incredibly disheartening.
  • Keep the money in Australia. We don’t need foreign rideshare companies exploiting drivers and taking their huge profits outside of Australia.

What percentage will RideFair Australiatake from drivers?

The current figure we are looking at is between 2 – 5%. As RideFair Australia is a cooperative organisation, we do not have to pay out dividends or award fat bonuses to C-level executives. RideFair needs to make enough to pay our staff, look after drivers, market the service and ensure long term survival.

Where will RideFair Australia be operating?

The RideFair Australia launch will be limited to the greater metro area of Perth. However we do have plans to extend to larger rural cities such as Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and Geraldton.

If you’re interested in helping us bring RideFair to a town near you, please get in contact with us at steering@ridefair.com.au

RideFair Australia drivers will make comparatively more money than competing rideshare services. Including being paid yearly dividends.


What does Driver Co-op mean?

The drivers are direct organisational members of RideFair Australia. With every RideFair Australia driver member getting a vote and input on operational matters.

How does this work exactly?

RideFair Australia is managed by the Steering Committee, currently made up of 8 members, including one chairperson. The Steering Committee is responsible for strategy and proposing policy changes.

The Driving Committee is made up of RideFair Australia members, i.e. the drivers. All drivers get a vote on policy changes and can submit discussion points to the steering committee.

Hypothetical example: if it became apparent that RideFair Australia did not need to take as high of a percentage to operate, the Steering Committee would present a motion to the drivers to change it.

Drivers would then receive the change proposal in their app. With the motion for change will be a supporting argument made by the Steering Committee.

It is then the responsibility of the drivers to pass or reject the motion. All of this is done within the RideFair Australia app.

Who is the current RideFair Australia Steering Committee?

RideFair Australia Steering Committee is made up of a collection of volunteers that include software developers, activists, entrepreneurs and drivers that have had enough with the current state of ridesharing in Australia.

Elections will be held roughly every 18 months. Every RideFair Australia member is encouraged to participate.

What does it mean for me as a driver?

You will make more money driving RideFair Australia passengers, and you will have a stake in the operations. You won’t be just another number on the streets.

As a passenger?

You’ll be supporting your local economy and ensuring that drivers make enough to live on. RideFair Australia is committed to ensuring constant passenger safety.

We will always do our best to make sure drivers are professional and personable. A RideFair Australia ride is guaranteed to be a pleasant one.

Most importantly, your rides will be cheaper.

What about safety?

We are going above and beyond to ensure both drivers and passengers are safe and happy. There are several safety related proposals currently on the table, such as in-car recording systems that will be provided to drivers upon vehicle registration and a live SOS system built in to both the rider and driver apps.

The RideFair Australia Driver App is not able to be operated without some form of biological identification, such as fingerprint or Face ID. Meaning you will always know your driver is who they say they are.

Drivers will be fully vetted by RideFair Australia, ensuring the quality of their vehicle, correct licensing, Police checks and thorough in person interview process.

We will do our very best to ensure that drivers are both personable and professional. Unruly or dangerous riders and drivers will be promptly banned from using RideFair Australia.

It is our number one priority to always protect drivers and passengers.

So what’s next for RideFair Australia?

We are actively working on increasing our membership numbers. RideFair Australia can not launch without at least 1000 drivers signed up. We are aiming to hit that number within the next month.

If you’re a rideshare driver or want to be, make sure you signup now.

Can I continue driving for other ridesharing services?

Yes, absolutely!

How can I get involved?

Not a driver? Sign up to our newsletter and get frequent updates on how things are going.

If you would like to be considered for a position on the Steering Committee, please email us at steering@ridefair.com.au

So when is it going to be launched?

We are hoping to launch by Christmas this year. However there are a few hurdles to overcome first:

  • Marketplaces are incredibly expensive to start and operate. Even with organisations donating volunteer hours.
  • Driver count needs to be high enough, we are currently aiming for 1000 driver signups by the end of September.
  • New legislation has made the endeavour more expensive with more compliance requirements and fees placed upon rideshare services.

Right now we are busy securing funding and signing up drivers. We’ve received a huge amount of support from both drivers and the general public and we are lucky to have strong partnerships with the local software tech community.

We’re also in the process of forming partnerships with businesses that align with our goals and can provide assistance to RideFair Australia drivers.

Unfortunately, this only gets us so far, as securing funding for a community asset like RideFair Australia can be difficult – traditional investment groups are not really interested in funding co-op organisations – for obvious reasons.

We will be launching a crowd-funding initiative soon to help get us to the next stage. Please check back for more details soon.

If you can see value in your business partnering with RideFair Australia, or you would like to help us raise funds, please get in contact by emailing us at steering@ridefair.com.au


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